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About Us

The Chrisenberry's

It all started on a little farm in the Sam Houston National Forest…. (cue dreamy clouds and foggy distant memories becoming clear)…

The Chrisenberry’s never set out to be farmers really, just homesteaders with a little more self-sufficiency and lots of fun animals to play with. No sooner had their chickens first egg landed in the nesting box had they been asked by their enthusiastic community to sell extra eggs or anything they had in excess. Since they never intended to turn the farm into a thriving business there wasn’t much to go around. Month after month it was becoming abundantly clear that people from all walks of life desired fruits of the farm over their over produced, overly processed,  excessively transported and packaged grocery store options and the Chrisenberry's found themselves eagerly giving away eggs, meat and vegetables just to see people’s faces light up. From that was born Two Tables!

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Agape Farms is the ministry arm of Two Tables LLC. Visit the Agape Farms website to see more about how your purchase is impacting hardship families in your community!

The Kelly's

Christine and her husband, Mike, have a long-standing relationship and appreciation for good food. Mike is in the food and restaurant industry and Christine has a degree in agriculture. Between the two of them you can always find out what grows in what season, who sells the best local fill in the blank, which farmer's markets are better than others and how to utilize the strangest, most under-utilized ingredients in the most delicious recipes. 

Before Two Tables Christine was heavily involved and giving her time to refugee, food, farming and farmer's market communities...while also being involved in, and supporting, various ministries......while ALSO raising three wild kiddos. {We're pretty sure she's part superhero!}

Now she does all those things AND helps Two Tables with concepts, ideas, logistics, vendors, sourcing, pickups, ministries among other things. Basically, things would be going very differently without her.


Two Tables Team